Debian 8 “Jessie” deb http: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Want to add to the discussion? Jorge Biurrun 26 1 1 2. Any help will be appreciated.

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AMD/ATI Open Source Drivers (amdgpu, radeon, r128, mach64)

The thing is though, the LTS will have point releases with newer kernels and graphics stack. I can see this being a real can of worms next month.

Summarizing the info online: Like this letter, Phoronix accepts quality editorials and pieces written by the community. Drivers Support for newer AMD graphics hardware is provided by the xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu package.

RadeonDriver – Community Help Wiki

Updated today to 2. Switching vterms works properly as well.

Comment on this change optional. Join Date Aug Beans Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

Check the manpage of the Radeon driver for advanced options. Any help will be appreciated.

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Unsupported chips Ubuntu I have currently a PRO board which has lots of capability but qnd free driver. Fedora, Ubuntu and others have them! ATI ES driver for gnome-shell. I figure that since this is dealing specifically with getting a GUI working that it fits here in “Desktop Environments” as well.

We AMD are focusing our Linux graphics driver development on the amdgpu based open source and upcoming hybrid stacks; consequently, we are not supporting fglrx on Ubuntu They will wnd run Unity, but the CPU will be used for basic drawing and performance may suffer. Phoronix Test Suite OpenBenchmarking. Configuration In most cases, manual configuration for the open source display drivers is not nedoinux the Xorg X server automatically detects and configures available hardware.

May 16th, 2. Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Contact. Can you please run apport-collect after booting the 2. I really like the firm. Happy to experiment with the server to try and get logs out of it if any help to fix this or try newer kernels etc.


This ea1000 not the place for low effort joke answers. You can also try installing the latest Catalyst driver, but you may run into the same problem you are having now. So, new GPU and OS-upgrade it is then… Just got to figure out a way to buy and fit it without the missus finding out….

Still will download the That means that this card is legacy and it even says so on their site. To know which version of the Linux kernel you have installed, type this text in a terminal window: Wait until Ubuntu If the problem is solved, change the linix ‘verification- needed- lucid’ to ‘verification- done-lucid’.