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New the Asus Mypal A! Unzip the downloaded zip-archive contains the files Upgrade Tool. Another irritating wifi feature is the random jump to another hotspot feature. This can be turned off, but it should just pick the hotspot I have selected. Here are the settings that work for me:. And what does not come out? Add topic to Favorites Enable Smilies signature.

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Asus Mypal A636n review

At the same time, the original WM5 firmware is completely restored. I would like to return 5yu. Have you entered the crash boot into the pda? The patch for does not fix the problems with the memory card, it adds support for SDHC.

And what does not come out? Normal backup programs can not restore backup from another version of WM. But what will be the answer: At me N flew from FAT32 a flash drive at a flashing. With the pdocread command 0x0 0x nk.

Wifi experience Wifi support is ok, but could be better. I do not remember exactly how to call it – the beginning is: Here are the settings that work for me: Windwos first days it lasted beyond 9 hours. Please, install only the update of the same language as on your device. If the firmware writes that it can not read the SD file it usually happens if the card is already fullthen it is necessary to remove and insert the battery if the reset is done, then a hard reset will occurthen format the card and flash it again.


Usability experience The power button is on top of the pda. I also had problems with this. I will describe the process: There will be information on the location of the partitions 4 pdocread 0x0 xxxxxx nk.

The Mio comes also with everything you need to make it more easily to operate the PDA device in your car. There are 3 files-l01, t01, nk.

On the screen there is an inscription that USB is found, I’m waiting for the download. There is a negative experience of th firmware from N. Recommend to format your card in FAT. After iGO, you need to re-port the SirfTech port. It is only usable for mp3 playing, because the ssus is turned off while you use the hold button.

ASUS MyPal AN / AN & A flashing. –

Format of the img-firmware file Program for unpacking and assembling img-firmware from nb0 to A63x, A63xN, A6x6 Description of sections of flash-memory pda and work with emergency flash driver bootloader Post has been edited Murav – Add topic to Favorites Enable Smilies signature.

Damp 5d from wiindows device is, USBLoader is.


The device I have is A, such a problem has arisen, the device hangs on the logo when booting, soft and hard reset does not help, as I understand you need to reflash. We go into the bootloader and press the central button, resets briefly, then on the desktop start AsusUpdateROM. Please note that you will not be able to roll back to wm5 after the update.

Asus Mypal An review

OZiExplorer – connects to the GPS port only once between soft resets and then if it was the first one. You should buy one if you wat to buy a complete PDA. We strongly recommend that you read Rules section “Windows Mobile – firmware” New themes should be created only root partition!

The update is installed; If everything did right then on the screen you will see WindowsMobile 6 ;- If you need to flash WM6 of another language or the same or an older version, wiindows can either Patch broach Or to windlws the img-file Update.