The club was excellent, felt well balanced, and knocked the ball a mile. The sound is Loud and Proud. It is as if you were running up an angled slope of ice, which surface would your feet grip better, ice or sand on top on the ice? With more grip on the ball, the square grooves can be a surlyn shredder. Once it’s sold, its gone, and we may never get another item exactly like it again. Click Image to Enlarge.

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Hand made in small batches and manufactured from a proprietary titanium alloy. The first of these, reported in Cochran and Stobbs, compared grooved clubs against clubs with perfectly smooth clubfaces. And after hitting the ground, the backspin helps slow the ball more quickly.

Wanting to try the new “large” drivers I purchased the new Big Big Bang driver which is a massive cc in size. The latter result supports the earlier study by Cochran and Stobbs. Depending on the loft and launch angle it will also help with forward kick after the ball hits the ground. Apparently it’s the first time that component companies have finished at the top.

Shipping outside the Continguous 48 States Penley Lie Angle Club Conditions. First off this head is cast! Beauty and performance, what more could you ask for? I always use actual photos so bi you see is what you get.



Bang Golf Club Components

This seems to be negligible in the case of the clubface directly against the ball as in the fairway or a tight liebut can be significant if grass gets between the clubface and the ball. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Another solution is to to try to hit the center of the club face on a more consistent basis. This club is right handed and in good, used condition. Conventional driver heads have a tig welding line behind the face, our innovative cup face design allows for welding on the body shell.

The bottom line is that the ownest is on individual golfers shoulders to make sure their equipment is conforming. This is one Mean Machine! Contrary to gross misinformation floating around on the subject, there is absolutely nothing illegal about square grooves. Try talking bib a Long Driver who has miss hit a grooveless face driver and ask him where it has ended up? First off, a ttianium imparted on a golf ball will cause the ball to gain loft and stay in the air longer.

Research some 40 or 50 years ago showed that there was little effect but still some with cc wooden drivers.


Bangenstein cc Driver Available Lofts: I hope this helps explain it further. These clubs may bear some resemblance to one or more pro-line clubs, however, these clubs are not advertised, represented, or sold to be clones, copies, or imitations of any club other than the original manufacturer’s.

Big Big Bang cc Beta Titanium Driver – Bang Golf, Inc.

These heads are not legitimate and not covered titznium warranty. What can we say? This contributes to a straighter and farther drive! A question still exists on the short irons since I am not a good judge of this at this point in time – we’ll see.

Bang-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Club, Used

However with the introduction of larger driver heads and the miss hit further away from the sweet spot or moment of inertia we can use all the help that is out there.

SF Series cc Driver. Loft 9 10 The club was excellent, felt well bib, and knocked the ball a mile.

The sound is Loud and P Mellow Yellow cc Driver. Skip to main content.