SCSI and RAID Devices


This is came from top management to do the feasibility, whether we can migrate all the dashboard to BIRT or not and also which tool is better and in which term. Sandy Grewal commented Feb 04 ’14, The JDBC driver supports the use of IPv6 addresses with the connection properties collection, and with the serverName connection string property. But Pablo did an awesome job with his fast and very detailed emails. Be the first to review this app.

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Answers Answers and Comments. No data is returned. But, when I open the editor for R2 data sets, in the Query section. That last link got me through it. You can’t post replies to polls.

Building the Connection URL – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

If both a portNumber and instanceName are used, the portNumber will take precedence and the instanceName will be ignored. Hello everyone, Im doing some BIRT reports and im getting this trouble when i upload it to the server: Do you already have SQL Server at your company? How to post forum questions.


The same for Microsoft. Properties can only be delimited by using the semicolon ‘;’and they can’t be duplicated.

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If no instance name or port number property is specified, a connection to the default instance is created. Hard to say without knowing the requirements. How to set certain custom colors in Birt reports? We use Birt reports to have our specific charts and tables on the dashboard. You can’t edit your own topics.

Building the Connection URL

Log into your Jira instance as an admin. Alternatively you can serveer the java. Contact a sales rep from BIRT if they even have one and ask them for the technical features.

Can you try the JTDS driver as described in this bug? You can’t edit HTML code. Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending.

SSRS vs Birt Reporting

Documentation Find out how this app works. Using a name for serverName instead of a raw IPv6 address will work in every case in the connection. Did you change the url to look like: The points I stated earlier stay valid: It’s all about the answers! You can read topics.


SQL Server allows for the installation of multiple database instances per server. The following examples provide more information. And the other hand it covers the gap of a truly custom reporting feature in Jira. You can’t send emails.

If you’re using the default, you don’t have to specify the port, nor its preceding ‘: