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Will be buying from you again. The only thing I can deduce is that the lighter weight in comparison to my old driver was causing me to close the face of the FT at impact. The square design of the FT-i left is unusual but conducive to an easy setup, while the FT-5 is clean and uncomplicated. Your review title You must enter a title. A note on tour use: Do i hit every fairway-no of course not- but i hit most of them and the baduns dont kill me anymore. This club is amazing.

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Your review title You must enter a title. I usually hit along the right side of the rough. But at address, this driver is all business. I hope I made the right decision. It has the performance you expect from a top-of-the-line driver, and has enough options to make it appeal to nearly any level of golfer.

The square form factor is weird, it felt like it guided me in a correct swing plane. The noise at impact is different from Titanium drivers, but easy to get used to, and not as offensive as some other drivers.

The amount of material used in the titanium cup-face area appears to have been reduced, as the cup area extends less into the sole and crown areas than it does on the FT When I first tried this club, I was totally unimpressed.


It hits straight, far and sounds like a car crash when you hit it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Compared to the FT-3, the FT-5 is an obvious, evolutionary next step. Is one of them worthy of a place in your bag?

Features and Benefits of the Callaway FT-5 Draw driver include a Titanium and carbon composite combine to save 50 grams of discretionary weight dt5 is repositioned to help optimise your drives. Today, you can buy them just about anywhere for bucks.

I guess that this is not a new club but an older model?

The price has now dropped due to the new IQ coming out but I will be thrilled to try my club in the spring. Got my FT5 rraw degree regular lub today and rushed to the club to use it. I love the feel and the looks of it.

This club has made all the difference to dfaw game. The best driver you can buy, period. I weakened my grip a bit and began to replicate some decent drives.

The gram weight located at the rear of the driver lowers the CG for optimal trajectory.

Callaway Golf Clubs Ft-5 Draw 9* Driver Stiff Value

Share this with your golf buddies: Came in excellent condition and it has worked really well – so far I have replaced the same driver so it feels allot newer and so far so good. The FT-5 is a refined, third-generation product that has had any bad traits bred out. I have been using a stock TaylorMade Burner for the last 2 months, and even though when I nail one straight, I can get to maybe one or two every 5 drivesI find that I am nowhere near consistent enough or have the control at a faster swing to warrant using this — more than anything, the driver is killing my scores.


I have only swung each a few times, and have had better luck with the FT-i.

Callaway Golf Clubs Ft-5 Draw 9* Driver Stiff Value | eBay

Sound is better than the FT3, but to be honest, it wasn’t worth the extra money upgrading, not for me anyway – the FT3 is still the one. Many thanks for your help.

High handicappers might alternately be glad that every shot will feel good, even if their swing was bad. One other thing due to the wider shallower face you can tee it a bit lower and still hit it solid unlike some of the other big heads out there which I like alot. Alas, I became greedy and went in search of distance.

I have not seen the distance loss as some people have seen. Creating a massive 50gms of discretionary weight for increased distance, accuracy and shot-shaping.