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Remove all three covers. I hooked it to a external monitor and it did the same thing. Is the inverter board the same as the original one? Then took the comp apart again and reassembled t once again. I have a question, the screw on top of my WIFI card… is scratched.

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Jen January 5, Thank you! So it could be that. But I am stuck. Just in case try running it with memory installed in one slot. Can you see HP logo?

Natalie July 7, Can you tell me where the thermal fuse is located? I found a frayed wire on the display cable so I replaced that and I replaced the screen inverter. The vertical lines on the screen have me baffled as to what the problem is. Thanks to your step-by-step-guide and your answers, I found out that the 20V lead from the incoming contact to the motherboard had its insulation worn off and was in contact with the chassis. Test the laptop after that.

No plug in the AC adapter and try turning it cnr again. Thank you in advance. Anyway after cf the fan and the processor a third time, all seems to be working so far.


TacOS: Fichier source de kernel/pci/pci_vendor.h

IML Tech February 8, ttgraham, I have inherited an HP dvnr which when turned on just issues 3 beeps and repeats until the power plug is pulled. When i put everything back, the laptop can now boot again but only until the hp log screen. Disconnect the power jack, USB board and audio jack board cables from the motherboard. One minor detail, at least in my case, in step I did find a link talking about the same problem I was having and the guy ended up taking it to a computer store to have it repaired.

Example number 7 is what happens. Your guidance chkcony very useful. Hopefully it will work. The laptop work fine, But the cover and the cn look very bad very use up — The hard drive cover and the memory cover are missing But the laptop work fine. Remove memory modules one by one.

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The cover that lays across the inverter is warm but nothing to worry about. Maybe the fan is bad or there is a problem with the motherboard and it cannot start the fan. There is no way I can tell which one is failing without replacing them with known good parts. I must of takin everything apart about 12 times and tried different things and everytime i used your 6221 by step directions a little less each time. I assume this is not LCD related issue. This from step Try replacing the video cable.


I know the lower the better. I can hear the cpu fan working by the way.

Contents of /ldetect-lst/branches/1/lst/usb.ids

Also there is a vertical line on my laptop, if I apply some places pressure or something it goes away. I hooked it to a external monitor and it did the same thing. Loosen four screws securing the hard drive, memory and CMOS battery covers. The keyboard had to be slightly pushed front towards the screen before one could lift it, since it had a sort of safety catch below it, holding it in place.

There was not any damage to video cable and i observed that a screw was lose on left hinge of LCD screws are shown in step