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But it can’t beat t he NB of the Perseus software. Further two empty boards are available to build your own 3- or 5-pole filters. The frequency list entries can be displayed in the spectrum as a function of the frequency. The company is quite modest about its products and doesn’t search press attention. Of course the FDM-S1 can decode all other standard modes as well: Great performance at a fair price.

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Elad FDM-S1 Product Reviews

You’ll be using it most of the time anyway. Filter charts Elad SPF Without the need of additional software installation, DRM transmissions can be fdm-s out of the box. Where the Elad has to make a few concessions is large signal performance. Although still a beta versionit works very well.

FDM-S1 Receiver

Interestingly, even in that mode, I am able to phase closer-by MW pests against under-lying further-away stations. The “frequency related settings table” also functions as a user defined bandplan. Of course other lists in the same format can be imported as well. It is the first SDR I know that allows automation in such an extensive way.


But if you have some practiceit works quite well. It is possible to import the the Eibi frequency list in CSV format. In stockshipped in 1 or two days. As usual with SDRs this spectrum can be recorded and later fdm-s11 used for further analysis.

So you do not need any external software to receive DRM stations. Optionally partially populated boards are available, offering place for many own experiments and improvements.

So is this a meaningful comparison? All in all I find this a very interesting package. Customer specific antennas telescope antennas etc.

Another consequence of the new AD converter is the improved receiver in the VHF rlad with undersampling. It can be customizedbut unfortunately it’s not very easy. It also has most of its functions available fdm-d1 direct keyboard entries and it features a “triple tuning bar” which guides you through the spectrum in meterbands,megahertz or finetuning, a bit like a mechanical tuning dial with multiple gears.

Since my purchase about a year ago the FDM-S1 “Sampler”,as Elad calls it,has surprised me with its quality and versatility. For this purpose the serial interface protocol is documented, which is used by the SPF to select a filter. Adjust every receiver independently to operating mode, filter, volume, squelch and so on.


In most practical cases a preselector is not needed as the FDM-S1 has more than adequate dynamic range. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. So you know what ‘s going on at the tuned frequency. It is not as easy to use as the Perseus software. Except in large signal performance. But the Elad can be retrofitted with an external preselector.

FDM-S1 Receiver – Ecommerce ELAD srl

Elwd produces virtually no digital artifacts. The board offers the required supply voltage as well. The software of the receiver provides means to adjust band edges for each filter, where switchijg should occur. Of course the FDM-S1 can decode all other standard modes as well: It is also possible to directly download DX cluster frequency lists.

This is a little circuit board with several switching facilities controlled from the FDM-S1 by a 9 pin connector.