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Forums Posts Latest Posts. I’m sorry for such a long post, but it’s the culmination of years of problems, I tried to keep it as short as I can, I really need help and suggestions. User Control Panel Log out. Thanks for the help!!! I might try it out of curiosity. It’s way better than having to restart your PC when the hard locks happens.

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Did you run looser timings then they are specced for? I just thought of something though, I Heard of people putting the X-Fi in the bottom slot, the way I have my two cards now though they’re in the top and bottom PCI-X slots so that bottom PCI slot is covered by the second card.

I only installed the ethernet drivers for the motherboard, not any of the other junk that isn’t recommended by others here and other places These problems only seem to happen with SLi enabled and the X-Fi card in the system at the same time, or with SLi enabled. Once I got it stable overclocked in tests like memtest, burn test etc I went back to stock so yes it does also lock under stock settings. Since I manage to configure my Bios according to this template I ‘m posting, the only times I got hard locks were playing Just Cause 2.


It seems that some folks have no problems running the card with a SLI configuration, and others have massive problems. Guys; I noticed something but, I really do not know if it will hold water or not.

View More Photo Galleries. Overall, it offers excellent overclocking features that make it attractive to those wanting to build a high-end SLI-based system.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with this game. Could the bios of the cards not matching cause protential problems? You may want to try the following settings. VistaHead You are running the Patriot Viper series RAM that is optimized for the i chipset, so you shouldn’t need to loosen your timings, 790o since you are running them lower then their rated speeds.

i Ultra on-board audio help – EVGA Forums

FTW3 Logo peel off. The thing is, I can’t find UAA on my system at all. The difference in the voltage setting you selected and the actual applied voltage is normal with this board, it is VDroop. They are now on Nvidia’s site.

I found Bad Comapny froze as well at map change. I might try it out of curiosity. I have removed that card because I really didn’t like how it affected my system performance. You can install or egva the component on the local computer. Various games crash or hardlock the PC with sound looping or sound still playing. So do you plan on running stock or overclocked on a evvga basis?


I’m at a loss.

where to get EVGA i FTW sound driver – EVGA Forums

Hey guys, I can’t get wvga on-board audio to work. And real-time component monitoring and tuning features with ESA give you complete control over your PC.

siund The problem is, I cannot get the RealTek audio drivers to work. I don’t want to end up with the same problem: I’ve tried about everything so I thought I’d ask for help.

Drivers and BIOS

VistaHead The difference in sounnd voltage setting you selected and the actual applied voltage is normal with this board, it is VDroop. Then try possibly switching them up. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Forums Posts Latest Posts. I was getting the crash of no image but sound quite frequently, but the hard locks were very rare. I can now with the patriot ram I’ve had the new ram now for about a month, I’ve tried clean wiping video and sound drivers etc, finally today I gave up and I formatted and did a clean install, installing drivers fresh.

Essentials Only Full Version. Setting it to 1.