Common questions about
Western Cyber Security

  • What is Western Cyber Security and what do we do?

    Western Cyber Security aims to educate students on methods and strategies to ethical hacking. Our club was inspired by a group of students who were interested in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions and wanted to create a program to learn more about hacking.
    We regularly organize teams to compete at international competitions, host workshops by researchers in the Cyber Security and hold networking events to connect students with the corporate space.

  • Who can join our club?

    Anyone! Western Cyber Security welcomes all students who are interested in learning more about cyber security.

  • What is a CTF?

    CTFs, or Capture the Flag, are global competitions where teams race each other to obtain a certain goal by completing reverse engineering tasks or simply exploiting holes in software and servers.

  • What are the main types of CTFs?

    There are two types of CTFs, one being jeopardy style CTF where teams have a grid on available tasks and their worth (in points). As we complete tasks, we are rewarded points. The team with most points win. The second type is attack/defend which is where each team is given a server to protect and is expected to take down other team’s servers.

  • Where can I get more info?

    Like our facebook page here to stay updated with our upcoming events. We also like to document our milestones on our medium blog