SCSI and RAID Devices


In one embodiment, the links include the Internet and a controller area network used in vehicles. Its super obscure to find the drivers for it Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. In this regard, the status message can be encoded by altering identifiers of the communications device 44 , such as the mobile identification number MIN or electronic serial number ESN , transmitted over a data channel of the cellular network I hope this helps. In this regard, data manager 67 is configured to include a user data table 68 b FIG. It should be apparent to one skilled in the art that at least a portion of the functionality of the data manager 67 can be implemented by the MT manager 29 , if desired.

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If desired, the BS manager 41 transmits a message to the user via communications devices 72 and 73 indicating that the MT 17 is off schedule and indicating how much the MT 17 is off schedule in response to the status message. Furthermore, the notification message can indicate to the notified party an option that can be selected by the notified party to connect with and communicate with the driver of a vehicle or a party at the BSCU 40 or another fuiing, in order to enable the notified party to discuss the content of the work order.

Data manager 67 is designed to store the travel data for each MTCU 15 being monitored in a database 94which is preferably a relational database having a number of tables 68but other databases are possible, for example, flat-file database, inverted-list database, one made up of lookup tables, cujing. Accordingly, the order of notification fujinv should be indicated by the data in the user data table 68 band the contact information necessary for each method selected e.

If the actual 3310c lapsed since the start of the trip is greater than the estimated lapsed time, then the MT 17 is late.

In this regard, the computer system 31 b may include memory 30 b for storing the BS manager 31c0and the computer system 31 b may also include processing element 32 b for executing software, local interface 33 b for tujing the various components, input device s 34 b e. Once the message manager 82 has received the desired contact information and travel data preferences from the user, the communication between the message manager 82 and the user can be terminated.

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Please enter a valid email address. For example, assume that the MT 17 is a bus that is to travel to a bus stop to pick up a passenger and that this passenger is to receive a notification signal when the MT 17 is ten minutes from the bus stop. Alternatively or in combination with the manipulation of the identifiers of the communications device 44the status message can be communicated through the data channel by appending the status message to feature requests that are transmitted through the data channel.


If the adjusted time exceeds the predetermined time value, then the BS manager 41 causes a notification message to be transmitted to the user. It should be noted that input device 34 fkjingdisplay 35 aprinter 36 aand disk storage mechanism 37 a are optional and are not a part of the preferred embodiment, although other embodiments may include these features. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! However, in the preferred embodiment, the contact information is automatically entered into the user data table 68 b via a message manager fujjngwhich is depicted by FIG.

The MT communications devices 52 are configured to communicate with the monitoring mechanism 69 through any suitable technique, such as time division multiplexing, for example. In this regard, the entry in the MT schedule 39 a having a time value most closely matching the lapsed time value indicated by the clock 38 a i.

When the user is communicating via a PCD 75 in the form of a telephone, the message manager 82 can be designed to transmit recorded messages to the user.

A copy of the MT schedule 39 a is preferably transferred to the BS manager 41 via any suitable methodology and stored as the base station schedule 39 a.

However, this is not a necessary feature, and the location values and time values stored in the predetermined schedules 39 a and 39 b may be relative to other points both along the route of travel and outside of the route of travel. After the telephone connection is established, the message manager 82 prompts the user with a series of recorded questions or options in order to determine the user request.

After receiving the desired contact information from the user, the message manager 82 stores the contact information in the user data table 68 b. A notified party is given a predetermined time period to respond until a failure state is reached.

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However, the user may want to know other information, such as, but not limited to, how many MT stops the MTCU 15 encounters en route or the type of MT that is en route, etc. The email address entered is already associated to an account.

In this regard, a system operator can receive the contact information and preference data via a telephone call or e-mail, for example, and manually enter the information into the notification system For example, when communication is over a telephone connection, a recorded message can be formed by the message manager 82 indicating the distance the MTCU 15 is from the destination based on the travel data sent to the message manager The human operator can prompt the user for certain information through a telephone call or other suitable medium of communication and can enter the response of the user into the message manager You should check the suffix on your all-in-one to make sure that it is supported by these drivers.


For example, when the contact information indicates that a telephone call is the fjuing medium for notification, the message manager 82 can send a recorded telephone message to the telephone number that is indicated by the contact information retrieved from the user data table 68 b.

A response from a notified party is used to select one of a plurality of times for a pickup or delivery of an item or fkjing associated with a stop location.

As described previously, the monitoring mechanism 69 is designed to either assume that certain distances will take a certain amount of time to travel based on the type of traffic conditions usually encountered on the route or to calculate an average time previously required for MTs 17 of the system to travel the route.

Preference data, as used herein, is data that defines the preferred parameters indicating when to notify a user of the impending arrival of the MTCU 15 at a particular fujnig.

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Although not necessary for implementation, the MT 17 can travel along a predetermined route or modifiable route in making its deliveries, and the MT 17 may make one or more stops along its fujinb in order to deliver or pick up different items at different locations.

In other words, the only time the MT manager 28 transmits a status message is when the MT 17 is passing a location corresponding with one of the entries in the MT schedule 39 a or a fuming time thereafter.

The user can establish communication via a telephone, an e-mail message, the Internet, or any other suitable communication medium. After retrieving the desired travel data, the monitoring mechanism 69 transmits the retrieved data to the message manager 82which communicates the data information to the user in a message transmitted to the user. The alarm threshold value can also be hardwired into the computer system 31 a with switches that can be manipulated by a human operator in order to selectively change the value.