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Dan Rooke drove an RX2 machine. In front of me was a lonely and inoperative oil temperature gauge, below were the switches to activate ignition and fuel pumps. He drove in the British Touring Car Championship from However, the point of the exercise was a couple of quarter mile loose surface tracks which could belinked to form a lap. Immediately we were rushed up to maximum RPM in fifth gear, but this time with a half-turn of opposite lock applied! So looks unlikely that we shall ever see this combination put an Escort on top in rallying, or any other Ford model either.

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John Welch would compete with the 4S from toforcefully retiring when the Group B based cars were replaced with Group A machinery. Which must be logical; with the potential functions required of the system during development, and ralljcross even when it is developed, that black box is going to do a lot ofthinking for its rallyctoss.

Feeling a bit more confident, I stutter the car onto the loose. One axed RST rally car project is enough!

Gartrac G4 Rallycross Escort Mk3 driven by John Welch

Drive to rear axle through open propellor shaft. At apparently exactly the same moment as the gearlever hits the other side of the gate, rpm welhc up once again in second gear. And, as ever in competition cars, this development will derive from practical experimentation. Warm-up completed, John works his way through the close ratios; rpm registers ashis foot floors the enlarged righthand pedal. During the next three Ewlch four minutes travelled far faster over tarmac and loose surfaces than I have ever done before, yet throughout, Mr Welch sat in his grey-panelled office, relaxed in calm conversation, while the world rallycrose seemed as though it had suddenly been mounted on gigantic elastic bands, and was being hurled past our screens in berserk flurry of fiendish speed.


However, the point of the exercise was a couple of quarter mile loose surface tracks which could belinked to form a lap. Polite interest was professed, but how could Ford use it now?

U you want a gear, just make damn sure it knows you mean it. Besides, John was also sitting there bareheaded, with the encouraging air of priest ready to hear confession.

Daniel Welch (racing driver)

On Tuesday, the Silverstone rallycross circuit was tested for the first time. Retrieved 10 August Chris Goddard has been working throughout the year on the electronic components essential to the system, while rationalising the design of the hydraulic system itself.

Kugelfischer mechanical direct fuel injection with electronically controlled enrichment on boost. However there are some phenomena that you have to accept as normal in this Escort: Welch throttled back to 90mph before a tight tarmac righthander.

Gartrac motorsport UK – Gartrac G4 Rallycross Escort Mk3 driven by John Welch

They say mph occupies three seconds. I had tried to absorb seven fascia dials; twin levers from the transmission tunnel; separate front and rear anti-roll bar adjusters flanking my now palsied legs, plus boost and brake bias handwheel adjusters, and I was far from confident.

Crossflow water cooling system. In slower corners the welcy 72 per cent rearward bias ensured tha. Lightweight Recaro seats, Willans competition harnesses, Smiths instrumentation, Momo steering wheel.

But current British Rallycross champion Dan Rooke, who rallyceoss an RX2 machine at the test, thinks the track is too short. The key elements in the Xtrac equation complement each other in an unrivalled manner, so it is doubly sad that the Endean 4WO system will probably appear in WCR rallying beneath another body, for which there is no way to homologate the ideal Ford-Zakspeed power house.


This was a much fiercer animal than any of the jjohn rally cars, including the tarmac specification version I. Certainly the acceleration is superior to the bhp Audi Sport quattro that CCC experienced in Wales, but the beauty of rallycrosa car is that it also handles in any way that conditions demand.

Read the Formula 1 Technical Review Then, if you can afford the time, the lever can be pulled back to provide all the oversteer you want with absolutely no driving tricks whatsoever. Adjustable spring platform Gartrac struts with m0dified proprietary gas-filled inserts.

Modified Zakspeed turbocharger installation, twin wastegate Garrett T04B turbocharger.

RX Vauxhall Astra 4S – John Welch | Rally Group B Shrine

Yet, in motorsport terms it seems to be complete lunacy that such a proven combination of 4WO and turbo muscle are most likely only to see World Championship rally service divorced from each other.

News alerts Sign me up for news alerts. GM could hardly be blamed for not wishing it to be so in any case!

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