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The other interesting birds were flocks of whimbrels and sandgrouses. Lavkumar, Except in the case of the commonest birds crows and sparrows please mention the scientific names as well, and also indicate whether you are alluding to the older books Whistler, Salim Ali, Stuart Baker, etc. Sometimes, in spite of the other nests being present, they use the same one year after year Brown It normally starts arriving in July and departs by end April. I would welcome a few SWOT from our readers. So far not much damage has been done and removal of these still sub-mature trees should be easy.

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All this was being watched by a giant bluebull male he looked more black than blue from a safe distance.

The park has rich flora of tropical moist deciduous forests categorized into sal forest, mixed forest, grasslands and wetlands. The Nilgiri wood pigeon keeps to the deep shade beneath the Shola canopy, while the broad-tailed grassbird keeps to the tall grasslands below the village. The chapters relating to water management are of particular interest at the present time when it is clear to everyone that the shortage of water is going to be one of the most serious problems of the coming decades. The colours were all correct for this species and both male and female were seen well.


We just missed toppling on the side. We first noticed three of these animals early morning, just a m from our hotel, crossing the road.

The former was silent and had bars on its back. The colour of the ink is not permanent and it washes off easily. Sturnidae Jungle myna Acridotheres fuscus Family: Loose flocks of 5 to 6 birds observed mostly in overhead flight.

A squat, white spotted owl with typically large round head and large staring yellow eyes. Pycnonotidae Redwhiskered bulbul Pycnonotus jocosus Redvented bulbul Pycnonotus cafer Knyp bulbul Hypsipetes indicus Black bulbul Hypsipetes madagascariensis Family: A tiny shrine perches atop the Benong hill mcovered partly by Oak forests and grasslands and rocky cliffs and outcrops.

Average pairs nest every year on the large trees like Neem Azadirachta indicaKhijado Prosopis spicigeraAmbli Tamarindus indica and Peltophorum Peltophorum ferrugineum.

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In the two hours before it got dark on the first day of our birding in this grassland we could not believe that we saw nine great Indian bustards, four males and five females.

We rounded off our stay at Mussoorie with a visit to Mr. A greenbacked tit was foraging on a tree on whose trunk a brown fronted pied woodpecker was pecking for hidden insects. The alternative common name of the crimson sunbird is yellowbacked sunbird. BoxKodaikanalTamil Nadu We have been engaged in a long-term project to conserve and restore the Pambar Shola and its environs near Kodaikanal for b201 15 years.


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We made a number of visits in the district including the coastal region, during which several heronries were recorded. I initially did have some reservation at staying at a tourist place, expecting it to be crowded.

Not far away was a pair of brown rock kbup carrying nesting materials to an old building. Rajpurohit, Department of Zoology, J. By the time they ask for b201, it is usually too late. This raises the question: Seen flying, dashing from tree to tree accompanied by a trisyllabic note.

Walking slowly and quietly over the bridge, we could observe the swallows at close range as they flew just under our feet into their nests.

Spotted atop Teak tree calling quite loudly. There were approximately birds eight hundred and seventy five. It was only at Chakrata that we noticed forests again. Paridae Black-lored tit Family: Chacko at the wheel with his quick military response, swung sharply to the right, but could not avoid contact with ,nup.

I went out for a morning walk. Nirmala also mentioned that the males she had seen had very conspicuous red on the breasts.