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About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Hit F10 for the save and format my drive ready for windows. Nothing, nothing at all. Good solid performance there and also very consistent. In celebration of the overwhelming use of the colour red on this motherboard, we here at PCStats.

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A few reboots later and we were all done, or so I thought. Basically these enable the missing memory timing settings in the bios to allow a more aggressive set up. In recent months we have seen the launch of two new exiting chipsets in the Socket A field.

Iwill company and contact information

What and amazing board! A quick power wiill and a short of the cmos later ad we were in the Bios. Hit F10 for the save and format my drive ready for windows. Just look at that bandwidth! IWill want to catch your attention as you browse around the store shopping for a motherboard, and by colouring the PCB this bright colour they have built one of the flashiest motherboards around – I mean even the PCI and AGP slots are red!

The Sandra scores however speak for themselves. Based on the VIA KTA chipset, the KK doesn’t change all that much from similar KTA offerings, but that is not maibnoard say it is exactly the same either – indeed it is far from from an ordinary motherboard. While the packaging does look quite spiffy, it actually does a good job at protecting the board from whatever might happen to it.


Well this is where it comes into play. One thing we were taught as kids were to never judge a book by it’s cover, but I must say, Iwill has done a superb job on their packaging. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

One strange jumper that you will come across is the one to set the FSB manually. The Manual was an easy read although their English translations are not superb J. I have purposefully left off 3Dmark scores iwull these are so video card dependant that they would not do this board justice.

IWILL Motherboard – Mainboard

After a triple check to see if we were all together properly I fired her up ready to dive into the bios for a snoop around. It is important to note that you must first turn the settings for these to default in the bios before moving the jumper or you will not be able to boot.

The board plain refused to work with my SoundBlaster live in it. After 4 different sticks of memory, 2 different Hard drives, 2 different video cards and a shed load of help from Jackie0 on the Hard forums and Xev we got it sorted. When I found out I would be reviewing this board my first thoughts were Iwill?

What was the maijboard tech product of ? I now had a very responsive and quick system at my fingertips and a grin broke out on my ugly mug J. Using the board in this mode I could only achieve mhz.


Iwill P4SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

The board conforms to the normal ATX pattern so fitting should not be a problem. Ships with the following: I ran these tests several times and there were no noticeable differences and this performance is above the expected level for a 1g Tbird no doubt due to the motherboard. All in all a very user friendly Bios.

This is by far the fastest and most solid idill around at the moment and here is the proof of the speed. Well at least by looking at it. Of course, to just about everyone’s surprise, the KTA became quite the sleeper! This will give you a theoretical maximum of mhz.

Hard drives spin up and power lights on but nothing. If you are considering an iwilll to Intel processors with this technology it would be a good idea to do a little investigating first, top of the line Pentium 4 processors are still quite expensive.

Good solid performance there and also very consistent.