Everything is someone else’s fault no personal responsibility. But Judge Booras had said it was necessary to punish the defendant to protect the public. He noted that Illinois law lists 15 intoxicating substances and other states specifically list a much wider array. Bianca Iliev the lack of compassion in this world is mind boggling. Yes, it has happened before.

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It was someone in my family once upon a time. Carly Rousso dropped her head down as a Lake County judge declared her guilty Thursday of aggravated drunken driving, exposing her to a potentially lengthy prison term for huffing a keyboard cleaner, losing consciousness and running over a family on a Highland Park sidewalk, killing a 5-year-old girl.

Originally Posted by gizmo Pathetic attempt to make this a partisan issue Craly 17, at 1: The sentences are to run concurrently. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content.

The felony drunken driving charge packs xrunk potential three to 14 years in prison, though probation is also possible. Sure, things seem to be going a little easier so far for Rousso, the year-old daughter of two prominent North Shore residents.

From fish and chips to shepherd’s pie and bread pudding, the city’s pubs have your cravings covered.

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And yes, it did take until Wednesday night, after a lot of complaining by a local Hispanic-community activist and the mayor of Highland Park, to have word of Rousso’s misdemeanor drunken-driving charges released to the publicaccording to the Chicago Tribune. Page tousso of 2. September 17, at 2: Carly could help someone else not make her same mistake.

If she’s having ptsd because of the dog attack, then get some help for it. Stone drunj out that Rousso herself is adopted and her biological mother is Mexican-American. Yes, it has happened before.

You are commenting using your WordPress. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and the following years included nightmares, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, depression, admissions to psychiatric facilities and the use of prescription drugs as well as cocaine and heroin, according to the report.

She can sit there and cry her crocodile tears all she wants, because does anyone really believe she cares or feels bad about the child whose life she cut short? Video showed the car lurching backward and forward after the crash, hitting certain family members multiple times.

Sucks she’ll probably walk with probation, and we can only hope she’ll CHOOSE to give back to society and the child’s family somehow. But the victim’s family believes Rousso got off easy and they wanted a tougher sentence for the accident that killed the little girl. Carly Rousso said she was afraid to sleep. The judge must be So Proud. Given that prison doesn’t have the best reputation in regards to hospitality, are you sure you wouldn’t try to make up some ridiculous BS to save your ass?


Carly Rousso’s public appearance sparks controversy

There is only sadness and remorse. I believe in second chances, she is very young to go to jail. Bianca You know what, your ignorant opinion is invalid anyways. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email required Address never made public. Second chance my asterisk, where is the little girls second chance?

Carly Rousso’s public appearance sparks controversy – Highland Park News

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. There was no mention of possible alcohol or drug involvement. Maryland 18, posts, read 15, times Reputation: Enjoy the system you libs created.