Higher lofts also have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle and more upright lie angle to help you square the face at impact. The Dymo top has a bit of a higher arch than the flatter, more elongated Dymo 2 bottom. The CG is higher and more forward for the lower lofts to reduce spin and create a more penetrating ball flight. I am just about to buy a Dymo driver but stuck on the shaft options. The sole of the clubhead has also been toned down. The traditional Nike sweet spot marking — the two little triangles — remain on the Dymo 2 driver. Not much of a comparison.

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One bucket of balls later, dymo22 was in the bag. But we are not, and will not. Nike Straight Dymo 2. For the tinkerers out there Nike has also introduced the Str8-Fit Line.

Of course they all come with the most poorly designed headcover in the industry. The trajectory was not as high as some square drivers, which tend to go higher due to the extra backspin they put on.

I am a Nike guy converted from Mizuno. Found a regular stock shafted Dymo This system is idiot-proof: You must have JavaScript enabled in nik browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Not much of a comparison. The Nike went strighter and 30 yards farther than the XLS.


Nike SQ DYMO Str8-fit Driver

The real cachet, though, comes from Nike’s innovative “Str8-Fit” adjustable fitting system, which features a specially designed shaft adapter and hosel system. Because of that my swing and the impact with the ball was far less comfortable than I would expect from a Nike SQ.

Adjusting the driver into one of the eight settings, golfers can alter the loft, lie angle and face angle of the club. Higher lofts also have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle and a more upright lie angle to help you square the clubface at impact. Remember when woods were made from wood? What does the HL dgmo2 for? The innovative “Str8-Fit” adjustable fitting system features a specially designed shaft adapter and hosel that tilt 2 degrees off axis.

I hit the Dymo just as far or farther than my own driver. Highly recommend this club, only problem is it sounds like a college baseball bat, but if I hit it like that again I want people to turn and see the shot! I went to hit it this weekend and my spin was with the ball speed of Someone at Nike must just be a big dmyo2 of yellow.

Next on my list is the Nike Vr irons with stiff flex shafts as well…. Yea, this club is incredible.

It looks to me like a great deal of good traditional golf club design went in to the making of these. I have never owned a driver and just recently used this one a couple times at the range. Again the sound from impact was much like its sibling: Providing a inke environment at impact and making it easier to swing the club head faster. Things like lie angle, MOI, overall head size, face depth, and center of gravity vary from one loft to the next. The black and yellow stock shaft is another thing altogether.

Last Drivers  198X SOUND DRIVER

I just got the nike sq dymo str8ght fit driver and this thing is amazing, it sounds great looks great and has work ability.

NEW Nike SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit Driver at Discount Prices – Hurricane Golf

More consistent ball flight and roll. Just picked up the dymo Nike have been at the forefront of the square driver market for some time now and every version is improving. I also found an extra bit of consistency with the Square version than I did with the normal club and although I have shied away from square models in the past more evidence like that would maybe persuade me in the future.