The software titles bundled with the card included two full-version games, Prince of Persia: Reviews News Blogs Shop. The X XL is four or five frames per second faster at these resolutions. The series really diggs that GDDR5 memory bandwidth, and what’s the cheapest thing to do to gain some extra performance? The refererence designs are to define the minimum acceptable configurations, stability, etc and they were not being met on all varients of all cards.

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This card’s specifications mirror those of ATI’s reference card, but there are some minor sappjire differences that we’ll cover a bit later. I ran the included demo1 timedemo with quality set to high and AA turned off and also with quality set to high and AA set to 4x in the game.

ATI Radeon X800 XL

It would be nice to see the cooler do a better job during x800xo loads, especially considering how loud it can get. Sands of Time and Splinter Cell: Attractive, Affordable PC Gaming. The fan is very loud for a couple seconds upon system boot. On Monday I had to leave for what, 30 minutes?

Did my Sapphire Radeon X800 XL cause this problem?

TabrisDarkPeace Feb 25,5: The series really diggs that GDDR5 memory bandwidth, and what’s the cheapest thing to do to gain some extra performance? The Sapphire X XL comes in a typical video card retail box featuring a not-so-typical freaky-deaky chick on the front. This incident was really depressing as i’d had issues booting involving me having to use data retrieval software to save my data from a SATA drive I know the A8N SLI can be problematic so this is another part of the puzzle i have to consider.


She kind of scares me, in sapphirf cool sort of way that is. Do you know what card it was? Now what on this slowly warming up Earth needs MB of framebuffer I hear you asking? The final result is show in frames per second FPS.

A third reboot brought about a blank screen, no POST but c800xl fans whirring away. Nothing really new you say? In the end you need to decide whether or not it’s worth to invest in such a large framebuffer in this point of time.

I woke up about 5 hours later and the monitor was displaying a mess of garbled colours and patterns. As i retired to bed i decided to watch an episode of ‘Invasion’ on the puter and set the DIVX file going.

If your video card is still giving your issues afterwards, esp in ‘nVidia – the way it was meant to be played titles’, sapphirf when playing back video, etc then read on: Would you still be satisfied in the high-end range with 64 MB graphics card memory framebuffer? Also, I selected high details for all quality options.

I was told that plugging the PSU’s 20 pin plug into the mobo’s 24 pin connector was fine. But next to the fact that the Eadeon series likely is the best bang for bucks card from ATI available right now, this one is equipped with no less then MB of memory framebuffer.


Luckily there was no similar damage to the corresponding connector on the MOBO.

Subscribe to HH News Alerts! Alienware Area R5 Review: I carried on rebooting with diminishing returns at one point the master HDD started to spin only when the IDE cable was disconnected!?

The test system this time around is based on the new nForce4 Ultra platform. I joke not, and I rwdeon people here will refute this simply because they are unfamilar with it, sad but true.

It’s now 22 hours before our Non Disclosure Agreement expires and where I wanted to have a weekend of fun with this product it’s going to be a somewhat rushed job. Clinging To Windows 7?

ATI Radeon X XL Overclocking |

For those unfamiliar with the Radeon X XL, it is a. To be honest, probably not, but looking at the future of games in respect to image quality it is the next logical step. Sapphire also bundles their cards with a different assortment of software titles and accessories than ATI’s own cards.